"Replaced kitchen floor with a milled laminate that is beautiful. |They also removed carpeting and refinished existing wood floors. We have an old house and the floors needed patching. They did a wonderful job and stayed in our budget."

Geary G. - Libertyville, IL

"Rob Lewandoski returned my call within one day. He came out to my home and asked me what type of look I was hopingto get with carpeting removed and wood floor in the L shaped living room-dining room. I wanted something different than the usual light oak floor. I selected a beautiful wood called Accacia. It has light, medium, and darker colored wood. I was not sure If I was choosing the right choice but Rob assured me I was making a great selection. The floor is gorgeous. I love the new look. My furniture looks good too. Rob sent me a two person crew to install the floor. The two skilled young men worked the entire day. They were so talented. I am spoiled now because the two young men that worked here are the best!!!! The next day the painters painted the baseboards, used something to hide all nails, stained the vents, stained the 1/4 round. This crew was also wonderful. They even took two heavy trash bags and all the packaging from 14 cartons of wood. I am a single lady and know little about doing this project. Rob and his crews were so helpful. I would hire this company again. "

Ellen H. - Libertyville, IL

"Restretched basement carpet after water damage. Looks great!"

Marti G. - Lake Zurich, IL

"We had flooding in our basement last year and Rob stretched the carpet back into place and did a very nice job. "

George L. - Chicago, IL

"I called Rob and two other floor guys to get a quote on refinishing the first floor of my home, which is mostly pine wide boards plus one room that's carpeted. He quoted me out on the floors being approximately 525 sq ft. This included a dining room, kitchen, living room, 3 closets and a hallway to the garage. We talked stains and he recommended a clear coat because pines reject stain and it won't last as long if we stain.

After the other two offers came in we decided to go with Rob and we booked him with a 50% deposit. He was ready to do the work in a few days, but we weren't so we booked him 3 weeks out. 2 business days before the job was to be done he called and made sure we were still on the same page. Everything was in order and he told me Eric would be our refinisher and would arrive at 7am on day 1 for me to let him in the house.

We moved all our furniture out the night before, but when Eric came in for the inspection / walk through he recommended we take everything off the walls because they'll get covered with dust. So we did. They taped clear poly liners over the kitchen, the pantry, the stairwell and the one carpeted room to minimize the dust as much as possible. I checked out the progress after day 1 and almost all of the floor had been sanded. They still had to do edging, but they had painters tape up as not to interfere with the trim. He put a little bit of the semi-gloss Synteko 50 polyurethane to show me what it would look like and I was amazed. It was BEAUTIFUL!

We confirmed he'd do 3 coats, then he called as he was leaving, finishing the job. After a few hours I went over to vent out the fumes and I was blown AWAY at how gorgeous our floors were! I wish I could post pictures to give you an idea... it was amazing.

What's more is Eric always called me back quickly and Rob will ALWAYS call you back same day. The responsiveness was fantastic. Plus both days Eric & his crew were at the house by 7am ready to work. They were professional and walked me through what to expect. I can't say enough about these guys and would re-hire them in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone in the area for work."

Nick S. - Gurnee, IL

"GREAT! Rob was very professional and extremely hardworking. He was really flexible with his schedule, came out to quote and was able to do the job right away. He worked without a break for over 3 hours. He moved furniture and put it all back once he was done. No ripples now, carpet looks great, would definitely recommend"

Carole H. - Lake Forest, IL

"They were great and the floors came out great. They did a nice job. They got the job done in a reasonable amount of time. The cleanup was good."

Sarah R. - Chicago, IL

"Rob came a couple of times to take measurements and provided samples and quotes. He was very knowledgeable and give very good recommendations. It is obvious he is very experienced and knows what he is doing. He was also very professional when I informed him that I would accepted a bid from a another contractor instead. I had to go with another contractor only because they provided other services along with flooring and I would rather go with one company than having to deal with multiple companies. If I only needed flooring, I would not hestitate to go with Comfort carpet. I will highly recommend them!"

Chinwei O. - Lake Zurich, IL

"We really liked the service. It took a bit longer than we thought it was going to take and it was a bit messier than we thought. Now that the job is done we are very happy with the results. We have gotten many favorable comments by friends who have seen the work. We would definitely recommend them to the next person!"

Don M. - Gurnee, IL

"All of the landings and the area where the stairs came down to the hardwood floor were very badly scratched from having dogs in the house. We waited to refinish the floors until we were more involved in our move to another property so when we put the house on the marked the floors would showcase themselves.

On the day they were to start the men showed up promptly and worked for 2 days to complete the project. I was out of town and my husband texted me about what a great job they were doing and how beautiful the floors looked.... so I was very excited to get home and see for myself. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.... yes I was disappointed because although all of the scratches were gone, so was the sheen on the wood that really enhanced the view when looking across the room at the lake. To me the floors looked like they still had a very light coat of the sanding dust.

I called Ron and he came out promptly to take a look. He was very nice about everything and said they had used a satin finish which is what most people get. However, these were 3/4 inch thick walnut floors and it accepted the finish differently because of the hardness of the wood. So we agreed that they would come back out the following Monday and apply a semi-gloss finish. We did pay $150 more than the estimate, for materials and labor, however I feel this was fair since there was more material involved and we did end up with an extra coat of urethane (I hope whoever buys the house appreciates it!)

When I came home from work to see the new finish it was exactly like the original finish - with a slight sheen to it. I couldn't be happier with the results! I would definately recommend Comfort Carpets for hardwood floor refinishing. They stand behind the work that they do and Ron did what he could to resolve our issues. And best of all it was done promptly without a bunch of haggling and phone calls.

If it helps anyone else... our floors are Homer wood, 4" wide walnut, 3/4" thick."

Mary C. - Wauconda, IL

"Rob and his crew were amazing, i will use them for all of my flooring needs in the future.

Rob was very upfront with what they would do and why he had to price it like he did.

His crew arrived at the scheduled time and promptly began work. They were able to work around my family's schedule and got the job done in two days - the time they alloted.

They were clean and tidy and left the room cleanier than when they began the job.

They even replaced the light bulbs in the overhead fan!"

David K. - Libertyville, IL

"The work went very well, the workers finished the work in 2 visits were professional and the resulting work was fantastic."

Kevin K. - Evanston, IL

"We spent the last 8 months doing a major home renovation and had saved the front entry and back hall floor for the last part of the job. Needless to say the floor had taken a beating through years of use and months of construction. Rob from Comfort Carpets came out and inspected our floor ahead of his installers. He was noticeably concerned by the condition of the old wood, as it had been covered with marble tiles and had lots of discoloration from glue and adhesives. It also was in our living room, which was the same hardwood but had been refinished a year before. Rob was very thorough, upfront and honest. Plus you could tell he had years of experience in this trade.

His crew came out later in the week and arrived right on time. The guys did a fantastic job installing the new floor, even having to redo the subfloor beforehand. The were unbelievably fast and had everything done by early afternoon. This included refinishing the entry, redoing the subfloor, undercutting the door jam, and installing the stair tread and risers. They did an excellent job sealing off the rest of the home and kept things very clean. Plus the job they did feathering in the floor in the front entry into the living room was absolutely amazing. You can't even tell that the floor was refinished at different times. Quite a feat in my opinion!

I highly recommend doing business with Rob and Comfort Carpets. I plan on having them back to carpet our basement this summer."

Joe M. - Glenview, IL

"It was a seamless process from start to finish. The guys did their best to seal off the rest of the house from the dust created during the sanding process, worked hard, and kept me informed throughout the three-day job. There were some areas that were scraped and stained so badly that I didn't think they could be restored; I thought we'd have to use a darker stain to hide the marks. The guys told me not to worry about it, that the marks would come out with the sanding, and we could use a natural sealant without adding any color, and they were right. My floors look brand new and I love that we were able to keep the natural wood color!"

Jennifer V. - Lindenhurst, IL

"Rob was available and responsive to calls regarding questions and scheduling of appts. His team of 2 installers were on time and friendly. Very happy with the finished product."

Mike G. - Schaumburg, IL

"I purchased the big deal. My experience with them was wonderful. They did such a nice job and my floor has never looked better. When they stripped it we found that it was parquet floor because the old owners had just put so much brown lacquer over it that we thought it was dark brown wood as it was in such bad shape. When they stripped it, it was like a beautiful parquet floor and they showed us what stain they recommend and it's absolutely gorgeous. We are very happy. The people that came to do this work were great. It was two guys and I just sat down in the family room and let them do their things. They were very nice and very polite. They wiped their feet very nicely. The owner of the company I talked I several times and he was very accommodating and very nice. Our floor was bigger than what the estimate was for so the extra amount that they charged us was so little that I could not believe it. It was so reasonable and the pricing was very good. I'm so pleased with the quality of their work. Anytime we had a question, the owner or one of the workers would get back to me right away. They got here earlier than I thought they were going to get here that I missed the door bell ringing so then they came back at the right time. They said they would be here at 10:00 and showed up at 9:15 and I was taking a shower or something so they came back at 10:00. They were right on time. They were friendly but they were very professional also. They didn't get personal, they just asked the right questions they needed to ask to get the job done. They cleaned up after themselves very nicely that we wouldn't even know they were here except for the floor looks gorgeous."

Susan E. - Winthrop Harbor, IL

"Very prompt and professional crew did the requested work and more. Very easy to work with and made a special trip to finish molding in another room."

Richard H. - Libertyville, IL

Rob from Comfort Carpets was very knowledgeable and patient in helping me select the right carpet and flooring. He answered all of my questions and was very easy to work with. He was on top of everything. His people were equally qualified. They were hard working and very professional. His prices were competitive. After the job was complete, we noticed that we had slightly damaged the carpet. We called Rob and he was there the next day to personally do the repair. He is a man of his word and very accessible."

Mark L. - Northbrook, IL

"It's like we have a new house!! New floors everywhere but our basement and bathrooms. As with any home remodeling project, there were a few hiccups and minor surprises as we went along but Rob addressed each one and made sure we were pleased with the outcome. The foreman was extremely knowledgeable and offered great ideas. We felt like we could trust him and his crew to complete our project like it was their home. They came in as planned, got busy moving furniture and ripping up carpet. As they were working, they noticed our stair railing was wobbling, they looked under the floor and figured out the best way to secure it better. It's something that we noticed for a long time and had fixed once before, but it's now much safer than before.

Originally, we were not going to have the ceramic tile replaced but once we saw how beautiful the bamboo flooring was, there was no question the tile had to go. So more flooring had to be ordered and the crew started ripping up the tile- a mess I wanted to avoid all along but knew it would be worth it in the end. The tile was removed quickly and the dust "controlled" as much as possible. As they started installing more bamboo where tile had been, it was noticeably a much lighter color of bamboo than the rest of the room. The foreman stopped the job, sent pictures to the owner and the next morning he was there to see it for himself. While disappointment for us, a slight delay for the installers, an inconvenience for Rob, he ended up taking the boxes back and finding some that matched better to the first lot of bamboo they had laid. It was the right thing to do and it looks beautiful. The stairs required detailed cuts and time consuming maneuvers. They are gorgeous! We love it all. They put pads we bought on the bottoms of chairs and tables as they moved furniture back in the rooms after they cleaned the floors. I was very happy to come home and see the house put back together.

Somehow the two guys that laid the carpet in the rest of the house managed to do a great job handling our heavy furniture. They, too did a terrific job- no mess left, just beautiful new carpets."

Beth R. - Lake Zurich, IL

The crew was prompt and very detail oriented. They insisted everything be just right. The job turned out beautiful - 40 year old floors were like new. Went the extra mile in remounting sliding doors just so. Great experience."

Richard H. - Libertyville, IL

"We had them come out and look at the work. He saw the bump in the carpet and realized it was such a quick fix that he went to his truck, got his tools and fixed the issue right away. I was very impressed with them."

Victoria M. - Lake Forest, IL

"We had them come out and look at the work. He saw the bump in the carpet and realized it was such a quick fix that he went to his truck, got his tools and fixed the issue right away. I was very impressed with them."

Victoria M. - Lake Forest, IL

"Comfort Carpets was fine. They were very patient. We were trying to kind of match and things like that. They also made suggestions and gave us certain options and things like that. I'll use them again. They were easy to work with. We wanted the same color and we finally arrived at their suggestion on something just a little different and we're happy with that."

William J. - Winnetka, IL

"We had Comfort Carpets refinish the hardwood floors in our kitchen and large dining/family room."

John D. - Crystal Lake, IL

"Rob and his team were very responsive and easy to deal with. The guys were punctual, very personable and did a fantastic job of cleaning the floors. I would definitely use their services again."

Ryan B. - Lake Zurich, IL

"Rob-In touch through the work. He is very nice. We like his way of dealing the contract. He did a awesome job."

Harinath A. - Buffalo Grove, IL

"We had Comfort Carpets refinish the hardwood floors in our kitchen and large dining/family room.

The job went very well. They moved some of the furniture and appliances. The sanding was done very professionally with a minimum of dust. The sanding and the first coat of floor finish was done the first day with a minimum of disruption. They came back the second day and put on a second coat and after a few days for drying the job was done. Very professional and the floor now look great. We will use them again without a second thought."

David & Ory L. - Prospect Heights, IL

"Comfort Carpets installed new carpet in our upstairs and redid our entire stairs changing it from carpet over fiber board to hardwood.

Rob made every effort to get us a quote and was very punctual and professional. He followed up and worked to schedule the job for when it worked for the both of us. After an initial problem with his first carpenter, he quickly brought in a second carpenter, followed up to make sure we were happy, and finished the job as promised. He is definitely on top of his business and was focused on making sure we were satisfied."

William V. - Grayslake, IL

"Had new vinyl flooring installed in the kitchen, new laminate in a bedroom and new carpeting in the living room and dining room.

Excellent service from the salesman thru the installation crew. Will not hesitate to recommend or use Comfort Carpets in the future"

James C. - Chicago, IL

"Comfort Carpets refinished the hardwood floors in the in-law unit of the building we purchased.

They were accommodating to our schedule request, which was at the beginning of the month which I'm sure is their busiest time. The floors look great and their dust containment system really works. I wish I had bought two of the Big Deal vouchers because the space was larger than I'd estimated, but even with the one coupon and the per square foot charge for the additional floor space, we got a great deal. In my mind the seal on the floors would be a little thicker/shinier -- I wonder if we'll need to get an additional polyurethane coat at some point to provide more protection. And they did have to come back the next morning to finish the job, which I wasn't aware of when I set up the appointment for the service -- thankfully my husband was able to be home that morning to let them in and provide final payment. Not sure if that was due to the job being larger than they'd expected which was my fault, or if that's standard practice for floor refinishing. In any case, I would definitely recommend them and we are very happy with the services provided."

Jennifer H. - Chicago, IL

"Comfort Carpets sanded and re-finished our hardwood living room, dining room and hallway floors as well as a flight of stairs (both treads and risers) from our lower floor to upper floor

Their installer was very diligent, attentive to detail, friendly, punctual, hard-working and thorough. He did a great job and we were very pleased with the results. He did an adequate job of sealing off most of the rest of the house from the inevitable dust that accompanies floor refinishing.

We will definitely consider hiring them again if we decide to re-do the remaining hardwood floors in our house."

James S. - Oak Park, IL

"Very prompt and courteous. Very professional. Excellent work."

Donna L. - Chicago, IL

"Comfort Carpets refinished all the hardwood floors in my house. Sanded the floors in 4 rooms and a hallway and applied 2 coats of finish. Also taped plastic over all the doorways leading to areas of the house that they didn't work on and cleaned up after they were done. "

The team arrived on time, were very neat and professional, and finished on time. The work they did was excellent; my floors look great. I live in an older home, and asked their advice on replacing some wood that had a little water damage. They said because replacing the wood was very expensive I should let them try to refinish it, and if I wasn't happy they could always replace the wood. They were right, it came out looking fine. (Not new, but like I say, it's an older home, so a little character is to be expected. It looks fine) They even gave me advice on NOT leaving anything in the closets I was going to leave some clothes in the closet, which would've been a bad idea."

PHIL W. - Arlington Heights, IL

"Workman arrived at the agreed time, brought in his equipment, sealed the doors with plastic sheets, covered counter and other surfaces with plastic, and then proceeded to sand the floor. When this was done, he vacuumed up the dust and applied the stain to the floor. When this dried, he applied the first seal coat. He then left, taking all his equipment and buckets with him.

The next day, he returned at the agreed time, applied the second sealing coat, and then left, again taking his buckets and tools and trash generated by the work.
His sander operated on 220 volts, and he was able to find that voltage at my fuse box and tap into it without disrupting the rest of the house.

I am quite pleased with the results. The floor is beautiful. They arrived exactly at the time agreed on."

Glen S. - Palatine, IL

"We had a pet stain on a bedroom carpet. The carpets are wool so they are very difficult to clean without ruining. The stain was in a spot that was not very noticeable and we had extra carpet so we decided to try to have it patched. It took the repairman several tries to get the patch to match the size and design. Luckily I had enough extra carpet so he was able to keep trying. I was impressed by how determined he was to get it as close as he possibly could to perfect.

They did such a good job that I called the owner of Comfort Carpets and asked how much he would charge to do a place in the living room. This spot was more noticeable so I wanted to test their work in the bedroom first. Originally, I had paid $80 through an Angie's List special. The owner said they would do the second patch for $75. I told them to go ahead. The second patch was a little more noticeable but I think it had to do with the carpet being more faded than the bedroom carpet.

Before starting they had explained that patching is not perfect. This is especially true with wool. It is slightly noticeable but it is better than the spot and I think it will get better as the patch wears."

Chris A. - Wauconda, IL

"Comfort Carpets came out, looked at the job, made a couple good suggestions, gave us a final price and a schedule. Everything went smoothly even though we threw a scheduling curve ball at him. A crew moved some furniture, the refinished came in and did his thing, the work was done on schedule, the furniture moving crew returned and out everything back, and the floors looked great!"

Tom P. - Evanston, IL

"Comfort Carpets was very flexible with scheduling they worked to meet my needs. During the first meeting estimates were made for all three projects. I needed to delay the start of work for six weeks and they were happy to work with me on the dates. I actually had to delay for one additional week and they were again able to accomodate my requirements. The workers showed up on time and completed the work on time. The quality of materials used was fine and they cleaned up very well when finished."

Jerre S. - Chicago, IL

"Replaced flooring in basement, removed old carpet and installed new flooring. Provided sample selection, provided great advice. Great job would contact him again for future services"

Beth S. - Chicago, IL

"I had my first floor sanded and stained for the first time in 17 years. The two guys that did the work were on time and explained what they would do. After sanding a little bit in the dining room they put down the stain that we picked out just to let us see how it would look and it was beautiful. The entire job to about 8 hrs and we could not be more pleased with it. At about 5:00 pm we were able to walk on it and by the next day we moved our furniture back in. Thank you for a job well done."

Timothy P. - Elmhurst, IL

"The estimate visit was on time and friendly. Estimate sent via email, easy to receive and ok. Available days were discussed and a day that worked for us was selected for installation.

The installers were on time, friendly and very professional in their work. They completed the job on time and it was perfect."

Thomas H. - Mundelein, IL

"Comfort Carpets did a good job. The man was very knowledgable and explained the various options available. He left the area clean and the floors look gorgeous."

Dale B. - Crystal Lake, IL

"The Installers from Comfort Carpets were efficent & professional.

After Installation, our Linolium Kitchen Floor really made the room look new again."

AJ H. - Buffalo Grove, IL

"Everything turned out perfect with this job. There was one small mistake they made, they actually came right back out and corrected it. I would recommend them."

Robyn H. - Chicago, IL

"I purchased replacement carpet for my stairs & hallway. I am pleased with the quality of the carpet & the installation."

Jackson E. - Arlington Heights, IL

"We had a very good experience with Rob and his team. They had to move alot of furniture around for us and some of it quite heavy. Also, we originally did not like the way the 2 floors came together (they did a continuous line and we wanted a threshold separating the 2 rooms and as soon as Rob found out that was our preference, he sent someone out first thing the following morning to do it that way. The new wood floors are beautiful! We live in a very old home (built in the 1890's) and there is alot of uneven subflooring - but they worked all of that out and it really looks great. The whole project took about 6 days and they even came on Sunday to make sure all our furniture was moved back to the original rooms."

Lori H. - Chicago, IL

"Comfort Carpets was able to come to our house within a week to give us an estimate. The carpet was installed within a week. The workers showed up on time and worked very hard. They did a nice job and we're happy with the work they did and the carpet."

Annie S. - Chicago, IL

"Comfort Carpets did a great job. They were very prompt, and the quality of their work is wonderful. I really feel like I got a good value for my money."

Adrian G. - Chicago, IL

"I think Comfort Carpets did a really remarkable job! I found them to be very responsive and punctual. They really made sure the job was done with quality in mind, and I would use them again if needed."

Ferdinand F. - Barrington, IL

"Comfort Carpets refinished a portion of my vintage hardwood floors.

Everything went really well. The gentleman who came out was very professional and easy to work with. I really enjoyed interacting with him, and I do plan on calling the company again in the near future."

Raymond B. - Chicago, IL

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