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Comfort Carpets offers you an extensive assortment of carpet selections. Our carpets come in various styles, colors and textures. Your selections include: comfort plush, berber, textured, frieze, wool and so much more!

Carpet wrinkles, prime problem,wrinkles ripples and bubbles In Carpet are most often caused by a poor installation. Your carpet may not have been power stretched,it is important that when a carpet is installed that the installer use a power stretcher if this was not done originally the carpet will wrinkle. This issue can be resolved with a professional carpet installer and a power stretcher. Letting it go will make your carpet wearout much quicker, re-stretching your carpet will add years Of life to your carpet. Wrinkles and ripples are not just unsightly they can also be dangerous. Re-stretching your carpets will eliminate such issues such as tripping or falling because of the wrinkles. Re-stretching your carpets can restore your carpet to look like it was just installed and increase the value of your home.

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Are you looking for a practical solution? Berber is one of the most durable carpets.

Worried about snaging left behind by your pet's nails or your guest's high heels? Don't fret! Barber snags can be corrected by doing a Fiber Transplant.

Berber is a popular choice for high traffic areas including businesses, basements, hallways, and stairways. It's only weakness - propensity to snag. This fault can be easily addressed by using a Fiber Transplant on affected areas. For this purpose, we can use an excess piece of carpet left after initial installation, dig under your furniture, or borrow fibers from the patch of carpet in your closet. The fix is simple and effective!

Most frequent questions and concerns:

  • Budget restrictions -"Can buying a new carpet really be affordable? "
  • Time is not quite right yet for a replacement - "Can the old carpet be repaired to last few more years?"
  • Waves and wrinkles - "Can restretching keep my husband from tripping in the living room?"
  • Stains and holes - "Can I stop using my furniture to cover those unsightly spots?"
  • Creaks and squeaks - "Can you help stop the madness?!"
  • Carpet re - attachments - "Can you create a smooth transition between my carpet and new tile or wood flooring?"

Carpet damaged by flood/water?

We go beyond the typical service limited to water removal and drying of the padding and carpet. Once that part is taken care of, we can provide and install new padding, re - steam and re-stretch your carpet back to its' original state.

Foundation work taking place in your home?

Let us use our expertise to properly cut, fold back and remove carpet and padding to allow for foundation repair. Once completed, we will re - install your carpet.

Our quality services are affordable:

Two rooms of carpet re-stretching due to rippling:
250 sqft = $195.

One bleach or burn spot patching including an extra piece of excess carpet:

Two small Berber snags fiber transplants:

New carpet:
$400 - $1,500 per room.

Fix carpet:
$175 - $250 average.

Clean carpet:
$0.30 - $0.80 per sqft.

Put a stop to your carpet concerns. We are here to help the headache go away. Call 847-327-9910 to schedule an appointment today!

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